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Our pricing solutions

We offer two different types of support/attendance:

  1. Dedicated Resources - These key people work exclusively on your project for an agreed term of no less than 6 months. Attractive and cost effective rates apply for such mid to long term projects.
  2. Ad hoc Development - People will be assigned to your project as and when they are required according to the agreed scope.
Price Right


Xtrastaff isn’t about the short-term, quick fix or quick buck. We build strong relationships with our clients intimately understanding their businesses and more often than not assisting them with their decision making processes.


We only bill clients for the exact amount of time our teams spend working on their projects. The details of which are all recorded through our customised project management system.

For Less Than
You Think

Our pricing starts from as little as US$15/hr. Pricing per resource will fluctuate depending on the duration, deadline and level of experience required. Contact us for a no obligation assessment.