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Everyone under
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Our transparent project management system helps to immediately remove the constraints of distance, making you feel as if the team is working directly in your office.

Dual Monitor

How it works

We offer a custom cost-effective service where we work side-by-side with you from concept to implementation.

Getting an Understanding

Through the information that you provide, we will be able to quickly understand the project and it’s key requirements. From this, we will prepare a detailed scope that captures everything from the technologies that we will deploy through to the phases of delivery.


An Agreement to Proceed

Post everyone being happy with the proposed scope, we will hand pick the most suitable team members to begin work on your project. Generally, this will take up to 4 weeks as we may even have to hire new talent for the needs tabled.


Work in Real-time

From here, the key people that you nominate in your business will be added to the Project Management System so that they can directly communicate with the dev team. This again will enable these people to feel like they are now sitting side by side.


Constant Reporting

A developers day only starts when they log into a particular project or task. This immediately starts recording the actual time spent inc. randomly capturing periodic screenshots. NB - Any activity and/or updates are available in real time to approved users.

Central to Xtrastaff’s offering is our
proprietary Project Management System (PMS)

Connecting our clients directly to the teams working for them. Each project is led by its own dedicated project manager. Our PMS provides regular, ongoing communication and real-time visibility into every stage of a project’s workflow and progress.


Delivering only the best.

Xtrastaff’s proprietary Project Management System (PMS) offers clients
a range of features including:

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Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a complete snapshot of what is happening across all projects and tasks in real time.
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A central projects page that lists active projects alongside those subscribed/invited. From this page you can also track the current percentage of completion for each project.
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Our smart calendar will notify all subscribers in advance of either a National Holiday and/or any approved days of leave.
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For each resource, a screenshot is randomly taken in every 10 minute interval. In addition the system also records the number of keystrokes and mouse-clicks.
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Every update posted will trigger an email to all subscribers /participants. From the email delivered, the recipient can easily respond via a single click.
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Through an integration with Xero, a periodic invoice can only be generated when activity in a project has been logged.

Full visibility &

Our project management system gives you ongoing updates and real-time visibility into every stage of your project’s workflow.

Meet us
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The sky is not the limit!

For over a decade, we have been building custom solutions for numerous international clients. From our learnings, Xtrastaff was born!

We believe that we have solved the issues and perceptions that surround offshoring.

To date, we have successfully delivered over a thousand projects ranging from mobile apps, websites, eCommerce platforms, web applications, subscription portals, ERP systems, complex integrations etc. We are fully equipped to help your business turn a development idea into action.

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Our clients & partners

Over the years, we have helped everyone from small independent businesses through to large multi-national corporations.