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A meeting of the minds

Through collaborative discussion, we like to understand all of your objectives in as much detail as possible. Elaborate planning and initial designs tremendously help in preparing an effective scope of work.
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Transparent at every step

Trust and transparency are ‘key’ in forging strong business relationships. Having confidence in your infrastructure and code enables you to focus on your core strengths and the running of your business!
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Plan for the future

Building your content and applications in the latest tech stacks will ensure both longevity and the availability of technologists to innovate and maintain your investment. Mitigate any risks by working with experienced professionals 🙂

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Transparency is key to what we do...

The systems we have provided enable real-time access to your team, anytime and from anywhere.

Managing time and risk

Through detailed tickets and our reporting module you can easily keep track of your project and activities.

Buy-in and passion

Building domain knowledge in our team is a key ingredient for long term success. A dedicated team that dreams about your project is what we aim for!

Technologies and services we offer.

Xtrastaff is all about providing long term solutions across a key set of professional disciplines.

We specialise in custom platform development and will work with your team to understand requirements, plan roadmaps and deliver the right solutions to fit your project.

The teams have experience in a wide range of platforms and off the shelf products as well as building and managing platforms owned and operated by our Spineka Group parent company.

In addition to building software and platforms, we have a range of skillsets that can be added including design, data entry, support and more... Get in touch if you have a specialist requirement too!

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